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Friends 01 cocker

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Shocktech pneumatics
Cole bolt and cole back block
Dye single swing trigger
Dye boomstick
68/300 tank
Black Magic Reg
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Looks nice for a 2002 rf?
New body
samurai trigger
ff internals
halo b after the worrblade
Pretty sick though.
8/10 cockers
7/10 overall
yea hes planning on buying a new body, and getting a eblade for it someday.

its a 01rf

Erik said It Worrblade, Body, ETC...

nice 7.5
7 Worrblade new body rail etc... all been said already.
hes got a shocktech on there its kinda hard to see but its thee. its a shocktech drop and on/off.
i now bring this back to live, with a 5.7/10
know whats funny, he doesnt use a beavertail, and his cocking rod length is way off. you cock it with no air and you cant even see the bolt. Plus some how he stripped his screw hole for a beavertail.
ummm the cocking rod length is simple to fix.... and how is it so funny that he doesnt use a beavertail?
because he says his Back block doesnt go that far back to actually use one. And This was really his first gun. He had a dragun compact witch he sold cuz he couldnt use at a field and only shot it at his house once. He knows nothing about it. He keeps talking about going into a tourny but i keep telling him that they wont let him in because he doesnt have a Beavertail, but he denies it.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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