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Frozen 98c

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Not sure if this is where to post this or not? if not let me know.

Ok so here's the deal my 98c has bean freezing up on me. I have a R/T on it so I just put a GTA expansion chamber kit on it to help with the freezing. Well I tried it out and went through a full 20oz tank in about 1 minuet. The R/T seamed to be stuck open, I turned it all the way down butt it was still firing like mad. It got so cold my black J&J barrel was white. I just put new O-rings and madman springs in it and there seams to be no leaks. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated :? .

Thanks Trev

PS I need it fixed by Sunday i'm playing woodsball then :(
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its cuz your using co2 and shot a whole co2 tank on it.

check for leaks(put gun underwater while pressurized)

rapid fire with co2 will freeze your gun no matter what. get nitro or get anti syphon
Get a compressed air tank
ya...that OR you broke one of the Oring seals in your RT. THat happend to my friend. He would pull the trigger and it would fire like 20 times....

Get a new Co2 and try doing 1 shot. If it does 1 shot then ya u have the freezing probelm which is normal. If it sputters a few shots....then you porbbaly broke a Oring in the RT and you should call up tippmann
put your gun underwater? that can't be good for it
why not?
thats fine its not electric well might hurt the response.
it wouldnt hurt the dry out all the water and oil it though...co2+water in gun means bad freezing....putting it underwater doesnt harm anythign though
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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