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I got out paintballing maybe twice last year and nothing has been touched this year so I thinks it's time to sell my gear. Everything is in great condition. Prices do not include shipping. I can get any additional pics if you want. If you have any questions please email me at alexhuisman_online (at)

I'd like to sell the following as a package for $200, this includes:
Black Dragun
-Custom made trigger, mouse click sensitivity.
-Custom made drop forward, made from aluminium.
-Progressive Barrel

20oz CO2 Tank w/ nipple cover

Basic Clear Hopper

Aluminium Carrying Case set to hold the marker, barrel, tank, hopper and extras.

The extra parts I am including:
-Barrel Condom
-Barrel Squeegee
-Barrel Plug
-Original Trigger
-Gun Oil
-Extra springs
-Some macroline

Dye Jersey - $25
Older Blue Dye Jersey, good condition, Size: L

Dye 04 Jersey - SOLD

Gloves - SOLD

Mask - $20
JT Mask, Good Condition Overall, Lens Might need replacing.

Pants - $25
Nexed Paintall Pants, Adult Medium


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PMI Tank - $60
PMI Pure Engery Air Tank, 3000 psi, 48 cu, I think it needs to be hydrod.
PMI Pod - $2
Just some extra pod I have laying around.

Pod Pack w/ 3 Fat Boys - $SOLD

Revvy - $10
Clear Blue X-Boarded Revvy, the shells on this revvy are pretty beat up though.
The lid broke off, the neck has a crack in it as well as near the battery cover.
The Internals work perfect though, only needs replacment shells.
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