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I am selling these two markers bc i havent had the extra cash since '07 to play w/ them and i need cash for christmas gifts. All Gear is in great condition as i only played with either one of these guns a couple dozen times from 04-06. but i will do my best to describe everything accurately. please no low-balls. fastest contact can be made at 7272699746, email: [email protected]
*buy the spyder and all gear (minus nitrous) for $225
*buy the Black magic and all gear (minus C02, sniper barrel, elbow, spring kit- all spyder components) for $350

---WGP BLACK MAGIC autococker-$275 obo
* Must be re-timed. anyone who owns an autococker knows these guns have to be re-timed occasionally, so i am assuming it does need this. any other air leaks-if there are any- would be due to o-rings. your local paintball shop times markers for a very reasonable price. (and o-rings cost next to nothing)
*Marker is red with flames, comes with BM regulator and stock red/chrome barrel
*Includes a superfly bolt (the end of the bolt that sticks out of the marker has a piece cut off but does not affect operation or performance)
*Includes red DYE sticky grips- this grip WORKS! lol
*throwin in red PMI barrel condom.
*was originally a $600 marker and works the same (not including upgrades) as the day it was made so plz no lowballs.

---SPYDER E-99 -$125
*Semi-auto, 3 round, 6 round and fully auto electronic trigger (i think 17-19 b.p.s)
*Cool Blue with lightning design down side. Trigger frame paint is starting to flake a little. (can be removed a repainted easy)
*If it leaks at all, again, it would only be from bad o-rings. (they sat for 2 years so its possible)
*Includes an awesome drop for your C02/nitro tank (originally cost $30)
*throwing in a yellow barrel plug

---ViewLoader standard electric hopper-$18
*This one has only been used 4 or 5 times.
*has 1/2red-1/2black mixed shell.

---32degrees sniper barrel-$15
*Spyder thread
*I honestly can't remember the name of it. Pic included shows barrel design

---68cu/3000psi Pure Energy Nitro/compressed air Tank-$40
*NEEDS TO BE RECERTIFIED. (local paintball shop easily does this. if they refuse i will refund ur money.)
*Includes gold Thread Cover, 6000 psi Pressure guage, Nipple Cover
*I have a Redz tank cover for it for another $5

---20 oz Pure Energy / 12 oz Java Co2 Tanks- $10/$5
*both need to be recertified.
*20 oz includes a smart parts on/off valve

---Dye Pants-$12
*Medium size fits 32-36 men
*has adjustable straps at top
*black w/grey dye logo
*05 -06 style

---Dye 3:4 pack-$16

---3 JT, 1 PMI, 1 JAVA, 1 Centerflag pods-$14
*Buy one, buy all plz. its a good deal at 2.33 a/piece (6 total)
*pop-tops work perfectly like off the shelf

-Straight Feed Elbow-$4
*2 screws to adjust tightness
*included in picture of Black Magic marker

-V-force Profiler Visor-$$$FREE$$$
-32 Degrees spyder Spring kit-$5

stock barrels come with each marker.

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im interested on the spyder, do you still have it?? if so please send some pics to my email. and please also include pics for the dye pants.
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