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I have a bunch of different things for sale.
All prices include shipping
You can contact me by email or msn
my email is [email protected]
Sorry but I only take Paypal.

I have a few xbox and pc games here.
룞= everything included, cdkey works but is used by one or more people
*= everything works and all original content included

룞Warcraft3:FT $15
룞Warcraft3:ROC $10
*Starcraft Battle Chest $15
*Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 $15
룞Half-Life platinum collection---counter strike is missing $10
*Doom 3 $20
*Age of empires2 expanision $8
*NFSU2 $30
*Chronicles of Riddick:EFBB $23
*Ghost REcon2 $30

Barely used 10GB Archos Jukebox w/ manual, cd driver, case, and headphones.Works great. $115
Coby cd player w/ nothing ok $7

2 Extreme Rage Hoppers $5 for each or $8 for both
DOP front bolt for A-5 $8
DOP RVA no tools for A-5 $15
Barrel case $15
Pair of Splat paintball gloves $7
I dont really want to sell my A-5 but if anyone makes any good offers i might.
its got flatline,response, dop power tube and starfire bolt, sling, and double trigger.

Saitek X45 Digital Joystick and Throttle-- comes with everything originally included. $65
Poloraid camera--its one of those ones were you take a picture and pull it out to develop. $5
Black light $5

Ask me if you want pics
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