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im looking to sell my Rap4 METS (Military Enhanced Training System). its a 1:1 replica of an m4 carbine. This is as realistic as a paintball marker gets for woodsball or scenarios. This marker is like new and barely used and never used in the field.

- .43 caliber
- Select fire. Semi or full auto(16 bps)
- Shell casing eject after each shot
- 20 round magazines
- Air power source hidden in adjustable butt stock
- Can use standard co2 or compressed air tanks/ remote lines

Extras include
- Tactical carbine case
- 3 magazines
- 1000 .43 caliber paintballs
- 60 gram co2 tank (concealable in stock)
- 24 gram co2 tank (concealable in stock/ takes 2 12gram co2 cartridges commonly used with pellet guns)(needs o ring)
- Large bag of shells
- Some reusable Velcro target balls
- Shell catcher
- Cleaning kit
Looking to get $450 shipped for it but im open to offers
Comes with everything in this picture:


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