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I'm looking to get rid of my Smart Parts Atomix Impulse. I simply don't have time for paintball with my growing addiction for Airsoft, so without further ado: Pictures and the list of the stuff I've got, but first, some basic rules and such.

I accept Paypal only, unless you live in Southern California in which I can do face to face. Buyer pays +3% to original fee to cover the transfer fee to my bank account

I'm not parting anything out unless I've got interest in the other stuff already

Shipping can be negotiated. Pending on how much you send me for whatever, we can see how we'll go about that.

Now, onto the weapon itself, and a little history. Originally produced in 2004, Atomix paintball thrived in Michigan and even got their hands dipped with Smart Parts and produced a very custom Impulse, with the most noteworthy feature being that it comes with an original Atomix logo on it as well as a giant "A" put in.

Here's what comes with it:
Smart Parts Freak set w/ 6 or 8 different spacers
Smart Parts all american barrel
Atomix Impulse custom nitro tank (Forget the specs, I can get that in about a day)
HALO hopper
Empire tank cover
Impulse "Vision Eye"
Low pressure reg

Looking for around the $250 price range. The only problem with it is that the vert reg is unable to maintain constant pressure. I've had it evaluated by a shop and it's a $5.00 fix to replace the O-Ring. Problem was they wanted $40 for labor so I told them to screw off, complete Smart Parts Impulse marker diagrams can be found easily on Google and honestly I just never had the time to fix it, but once you get it running you can hit 17 BPS easy with the upgraded Z board installed in there.

Also willing to throw in some basic stuff on top of that, pretty much a complete starters kit:

Comes with:
Atomix Smart Parts Jersey (Black/blue)
Empire Jersey (Pictured)
JT Proflex (?) Mask
JT Pro Pants
JT paintball cleates (Size 9 I believe?)
Paintball pod holder (w/ 4 or 6 pods, holds 8 tops I think)

Also willing to throw in basic stuff like a barrel punch for quick cleaning and a nice red paintball bag that has numerous useful things for paintball (Anti-fog spray, replacement batteries for the HALO/Marker, mask cover). The bag is on wheels and is pretty secure. Holds all my paintball stuff and about 2,000 paintballs.

Looking to see around $150 for this stuff.

Overall an easy $1500+ value at the time I purchased all this. However I don't hold sentimental value to things so I'm not going to highball you. The model was the 10th Atomix Marker put into production and there is only about 100 or so of these floating around the US. I'm willing to sell the entire package for: $500 + Shipping.

PM me for more picture sof anything you're interested in. Like I said I'm not going to part out unless I've got interest in all the pieces of the pie, so feel free to PM me what you're interested in and I'll just hang onto the PM, if I can get all the stuff I'm getting rid of then I'll respond and we can talk price.

Everything is negotiable but if you lowball me I'll delete the PM. For a faster response you can Email me at: [email protected]

Further pictures are available on request, and for a little history of my buyer/seller feedback, you can go here:

Thanks for looking guys, hope you like what you see.

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and your not selling a weapon, its a marker

just a fyi, impulses now a days go for around $100, even with all the other stuff this is very overpriced
I'll take that into consideration. Please don't thread crap my post. If you don't like what I'm selling it for, just don't post.
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