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For sale is my Spyder TLR Painball gun. I'm into airsoft now and and have no use for a paintball gun. I always cleaned and maintained my gun and it has always worked effectively. I'm looking for just $75 shipped. I'll take paypal or cash if you want to pick it up. Please email me or post with any questions [email protected]. I will more than likely get back to you within the same day.

Package Includes:

2x 12 oz. CO2 containers

Spyder TLR Paintball Gun

16 Inch and 14 inch Barrels

Yellow Barrel Plug

200 Round Hopper/Loader

Barrel Cleaner

Allen wrenches and stuff to make repairs


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is the gun still on sale?

If Gun is still on sale how much is it currently?
Wondering which state u lived in? wondering if i could pick it up.
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