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SOLD thumup:

sooo up for sale is my t9 sniper... had it for few moths now but airsoft :eek: is my thing so im not using it anymore, had some great time sniping ppl in woodsball but compeered to other things its too expensive... its a t9 converted to first strike rounds so yes we could call it a sniper
sometimes it likes to jam a first strike round but it one of a hundred or none in a game, like i said im into airsoft so it could be just me that can't fix that problem

- t9 gun
- first strike conversion
- handguard
- barrel extension
- suppressor
- m4 stock
- bi-pod
- vertical grip
- scope riser
- red dot
- hopper conversion
- first strike mag
- normal round mag
- stock barrel, springs, piston...
- 2 carrying boxes

*** +$100 and ill add a BSA 4x16 zoom scope, and yes you will need a power scope... $400 + shipping takes all ***


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