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hello i am currently selling a tippman 98 custom with upgrades such as a new bolt a new trigger spring and all new o rings.

the e trigger is a 5 position (semi burst auto auto(super)ramping) this gives you a full range of ways to fire

it comes with
1 mask
1 hopper
1 20 oz co2 tank
1 14 inch barrel
1 carry bag
1 shotgun cleaning brush (just put regular gun cleaning rod and swab barrel)

the marker does have some very light wear marks but the do not affect functionality

the 14 inch barrel makes it fairly quiet so you can be a ninja

its only fired about 5000 balls and has never actually been used in a game (except once at a friends house were we played a 1on 1 game)

so in conclusion i am selling a tippman 98 custom with an e trigger and other upgrades. As well as a fairly good starting kit (mask,hopper,co2,barrel,carry case, and a cleaning kit)

i am asking for 250 dollars i will not accept trades please email me at [email protected] for pictures and buy request
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