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1- My spotless ebay feedback can be found HERE and I also can provide feedback from several people on this forum (including 2 mods).
If for some reason you really feel like you still can't trust me, pm 1337paintballer (a mod). I've done business with him and he can vouch for me.
2- I accept Paypal (I'm verified) and money order, but I prefer paypal. I cover the 3% fee.
3-Offer up pretty much anything, I won't be offended.
4-post here, then pm me. Just makes things easier.
5-More than likely, you ship first in a trade (note my outstanding feedback), if your uncomfortable, pm me and we can work something out.

Up for trade/sale are two guns. A 2004 ICD BKO (no PDS sorry), and a 1999 WDP Angel LED. What I'm looking for is a 2 for 1 trade, my two guns for your one. I'm in no big hurry to get rid of these, I just want to try out something else. I can add cash. I can also do 1 for 1, or (maybe) just sell. Basically I want a cool new toy to tinker with, and don't mind a trade going in someone else's favor. Even if you think I don't want it I might, just offer.

What I want
-Pump stuff (me love)
-cool automags
- ions
-anything with vision
-broken guns (seriously)
-$110 shipped each

Don't Want
-cockers, unless its really cool. I'm not interested in impressive Pneus, if I buy it, I'll just turn it into a pump.

There they are, now for specs

'99 led
j&j ceramic, low rise neck modded (very cleanly) to allow breech to open, cp volumizers, modded lcd double trigger (quick, but needs set screws installed and tuned to reach its full potential, check it silver uni, houge grips, 9v mod (this is because I do not have a charger. the mod was done VERY cleanly, the hole in the backplate is grommetted, and the wire is heatshrinked) this allows the marker to run on replacable 9v, with no need to worry about charging. The battery is attatched to the back of the body with velcro (removable) and holds very securely, even in rough use.
Cosmetically the gun is very scratched up from hardcore use, but none of the scratches effect the funcion. In my opinon, it adds some old school look and character to the gun. Seriously, I like it because its ugly. Marker shoots great, just aired up and tested yesterday.

bone stock
cocker threaded body, and I have 3 empire cocker barrel backs, with no front to toss in. Just find a front and you've got yourself a 3piece barrel kit.
shoots great, super quick trigger (I love this trigger), looks great cosmetically with only light, unnoticable scratching, and some worn anno on the front tip of the trigger frame, otherwise looks almost new.
Problems- The included stock regulator is blown. When aired up the gun hits 700psi (only supposed to operate around 250). I had another reg on this when I was using it, but I don't have a reg to spare, so you'll have to find one, or fix this one (I tried, but not that hard). The previous owner stripped out the back trigger frame screw. Right now it is re-threaded and held in place quite securely (even loc-tited with removable loc-tite), it just looks a little odd, because the bolt doesnt match. This bolt never needs to be removed, because you access the rest of the marker by removing the entire frame/noid tray, which utilizes four other bolts. If you want to remove it and replace it with the proper screw, it would not be difficult. Also, the wiring harness was broken by the prevous owner, but I have soldered it back together good as new. No loose wires and it operates great. This is seriously a great gun, rock solid, and both minor problems have been fixed correctly. I have played with this gun (tourney backup) and it didn't let me down.

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I'm possibly interested in both of the markers. I have a King Cobra pump set up with a scope + cash. In case your not familiar with it, the King Cobra is very similiar to the old Bushmaster SI II. I have pics if you would like to PM me your email address.

If your interested, let me know how much cash you would be looking for me to add to pick up both markers.

Thanks and best of luck - Smoke, aka Mark

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Yeah, I know the king cobra, pretty nice oldschool pumps, back when brass eagle built stuff that wasn't crap. Right now though, both markers are pending in a 2 for 1 trade, just awaiting arrival of the gun. IF he backs out though, I'll let you know.

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I'm slightly interested in the Angel if your deal falls through.

I know you said no cockers, but I can offer you a psychoballistics Superbolt. It's very badly out of time, due to the 3-way timing rod being stripped, but that doesn't matter for you because you're gonna pump it anyway. I'm keeping the 3-way. I'll include an older 14" AA barrel (.689 AA back, Freak front [camo splash anno front and black back-- it's the old pressed-in style]) along with the 14" stock barrel. I can also include about $55, but that's negotiable.

PM me if something happens.
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