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Ive got a worked ion with the following upgrades done to it,with also a Curtis 24" 1080p Flat Screen HDTV im willing to trade for DM6,DM7,PM8,PM9,PM10,Etek2,Etek3,Ego6,Ego7. PLEASE HELP ME OUT, IM LOCATED IN CENTRAL NEW JERSEY. CONTACT ME THROUGH PM OR MY EMAIL TO GET MY CELL NUMBER [email protected].

-Virtue Board
-Aluminum Red/Black Body
-L7 Lightest Bolt Out
-Lightweight Firing Canester
-Upgraded Reg (Stays at 200 psi at 35BPS w/ Rotor Hopper)
-Flat Magnetic Trigger
-Red Virtue Eyes
-Freak 14'' Barrel
-Sanded Down Stock Grip Frame, Looks Amazing
-Virtue Grips
-NDZ Drop Forward
-NDZ Feed Neck
-Overall Cleanness 9/10
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