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Game set Hostage. Version 3.1 (Final version)
Recommended for outdoor and indoor.

The system has a multi-level menu of settings and parameter configurations.
These set a countdown timer that can be deactivated by entering a password or disconnecting a wire.

located on the panel are:
Digital display
8 wires
2 speakers (3 watts)
remote control connection socket
power button (key)
built-in polymer accumulator charging socket (5000 milliamps)

There are two ways to disable the device.

Entering the correct password, however the program also allows you to enter an incorrect password several times. With each incorrect attempt the countdown timer doubles the speed of the countdown.
All actions performed by the Hostage device are duplicated by voice messages through 2 speakers. A total of 14 messages are available. For example: if an incorrect password is entered (voice message INCORRECT PASSWORD). If the hand holding the remote control with a button trembles (voice message (WARNING). And so on ...

The Hostage device is the most flexible and convenient tool for running a multitude of different game scenarios.

Technical information:

•Model NO.: 3.1 Hostage

•Type: Box /Case

•Material: Plastic

•Color: Black

•Size: Customizable { 400 x 120 x 300 mm )

•Panel or saurface: plywood

•Handle : Plastic handle

•Setup through numeric keyboard with digital display( membrane or buttons keypad )
• 2 speakers (3 watts)
• Built-in lithium polymer battery (at least 5,000 milliamperes)
• 8 wires for deactivation
• External output
• Sirens 90db
• Built-in sensors.
• External console for the hostage.
• Net Weight: 2.6kg

The device includes:
• Bomb simulator
• Console
• Turn On/Off keys
• User's guide

220 € or 260 $
Free Shiping.
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