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Two pic are without the new reg and one is with. I bought the gun for 185 and i have a s line smart parts drop forward and freak barrel back in blue or red if they dont have blue on order from the local shop. current mods are listed below if you have an suggestions go for it. Complements are always nice and any constructive criticism is welcome.

Mod list:
*NDZ Hammer
*NDZ Hammer shaft
*NDZ R.I.P Valve,
*NDZ LPR kit
*NDZ vision cover,
*NDZ mag trigger,
*NDZ stubby bolt 'black'
*NDZ bolt titanium bolt pin
*CCM feedneck
*Onyx fang
*Smart Parts 08 grip
*Blackheart Board VISION
*CP handle reg
1 - 2 of 2 Posts