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Hey all. It's been years since I've been back on these forums. Grew out of paintball over the last few years, basically it's too damn expensive for me. So, my loss is your gain, here is all my gear. I'm basically just looking for offers since I don't really know the value of any of this stuff anymore, it's been a long time since I've bought or sold anything paintball related. That said, here's the goods: Gear


Gear List:
-Matrix LCD with Black Magik in-line regulator, CP rail, and a CP snatch grab on the back.

-WGP autococker, not sure on the year, it has an Eclipse Blade 2, with a CP long in-line regulator, Freeflow beavertail, CCM adjustable feedneck, Eclipse products ram, stock front reg.

-Halo B (i believe) hopper. in clear blue color.

-Halo hopper. a bit older than the blue one, more of a project hopper or for spare parts

-Viewloader 12v with x-blade. This hopper always worked great for me, and should still be in working condition.

-CP barrel kit, autococker threads. i have: .682, .685, .689, .693, .696 backs in black, and 1 blue 12inch tip, and 1 black 16inch tip.

-Straps: I have 3 brand new straps, never been used. One is gray JT tribal, one is yellow JT tribal, and one black/grey/blue Contract Killer. I also have 1 lightly used, old skool JT in yellow.

-Redz 3.2 pack. the velcro is basically shot, but if you buy the pack ill throw in 4 DYE pods and give a deal.

-JT mask, reaaally old school style. all plastic design, basically goggles with a tiny plastic face mask attached.

I have 10 pictures of all the gear if you would like to see anything please EMAIL ME at: [email protected]

Thanks for your time.
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