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Hey folks,

It's time to lighten my load the rest of the way with my last two markers and my steel HPA tanks. For grabs are two original Smart Parts Vibes with boxes (if wanted) one with original regulator and the second Vibe has an aftermarket adjustable CP reg. Both still spit paint with neither breaking balls in breech during any of the games played. Neither has seen more than 20 game days so they are in excellent condition and some spare o-rings included. Both are sporting 14" All American barrels but I do have the factory 10" that will ship with them as well. Great low-cost starter package for two players (minus one hopper) or one player with plenty of spare parts, tanks and goodies. Included are two Ninja 62/3000 steel tanks about 4 years out of hydro. Both do not even have a scratch and should pass inspection (for the hydro cost I can probably get my local shop to test them if desired). They are both under pressure at the time of writing and show no deformations or signs of seal breakage. Both markers include a barrel sleeve, one of which is an aftermarket.
I am selling a Tippmann SL-200 hopper as well. This hopper was attached to one of the Vibes for its' entire life, meaning it has also encountered light use. It looks brand-new save for a merely cosmetic smudge on the side that happened during a slide into "the snake" on the field. This hopper automatically activates when it senses the marker firing, saving your battery.

Also available for sale is a RAP4 paintball vest that I purchased in 2010 or 2011 during a big Christmas deal. This vest has a remote tank sleeve in the back for one of the HPA tanks and a remote line to allow air feeding from this position (also Ninja). In the front are 4 pod holders with velcro release and a walkie-talkie pocket for big game events. There is also a medium-sized multi-purpose pocket available for storing various items (I used to store a barrel cleaner in mine). It has seen MAYBE 10 full game days of use, and has been kept in excellent shape. There is no damage to the vest internally or externally, and all of the belt paracord is still connected. The vest comes with a belt fastener that can connect to RAP4's line of tactical belts, and it may fit other tactical belts as well. This vest is fully adjustable for nearly any size person.
After less that 10 matches, the vest barely looks like it was used. Amazing quality, as reviewers of the vest have stated. Can also hold a Camelbak-type water bladder.

2 Smart Parts Vibe with Barrels/Box: $90 each (with All-American 14" barrels attached)
2 Ninja 62/3000 Steel Tanks, fulling functioning but past hydro date: $25 each plus re-Hydro price (re-hydro optional, nearby shop does it for cheap)
1 SSL-200 Electronic Paintball Loader/Hopper with high-performance 9-volt battery: $15 (NOTE: this hopper is $50 USD new!)
1 RAP4 Paintball Vest with remote line and 5 pods (2 regular size, 3 large for greater carrying capacity) included: $25
Smart Parts extra O-ring kit: Free with first Vibe sale.
Whoever buys these items will pay for the shipping as well as the asking price.

Trying to sell these items within 4 days of posting, so PM or reply with offers ASAP! I am okay with selling individual items off separately or bundled. Buying multiple items may help you save on shipping, depending on weight.

^Vest front

^Vest back, note the remote tank holder and MOLLE webbing. No, none of those paint splotches are stains. Will replace pic later.

^Pods. The clear ones are regular size, the green ones hold 50-100 more paintballs than a typical pod. They fit the vest pockets perfectly.

^Remote line

^Vibe with stock reg. The rust is superficial and does not exist anywhere else on the markers.

^Vibe with aftermarket reg. Think this one is slightly more air efficient due to the reg. As you can see in this pic, the triggers have an adjustable screw that affect trigger travel.

^Closeup on the air tanks' regulators.

^The freebie O-ring kit. 7.99 new

NOTE: The paintball vest is well taken care of but has a couple of spots where there's still obvious paint hits. I am hand-washing the vest tonight or tomorrow, will upload improved pics then. I am shipping all equipment after it has been cleaned of course, so any other marks will be gone.
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