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14 markers, 8 Masks, 8 Hoppers, 10 Barrels, One Chronograph, One ninja paintball fill station. Also; more CO2 tanks than I can count.

Markers worth mentioning: Spyder RS electronic, WGP trilogy autococker, Older autococker that I haven't identified, Empire Stacked tube blowback, Tippmann 98 Custom. The rest are some misfit spyders and spyder clones. Some of the misfits need some TLC.

Masks: Empire E-Vents (2012 Model) and one other anti-fog mask, the rest are again misfits but they have been cleaned and are decent masks.

Hoppers: 6 gravity, then one Halo and one Viewloader electronic.

Barrels: One lapco 14 inch barrel fitted for Apex (cocker threads), One Sly ceramic 2 piece barrel (14 inch spyder threads), Couple autococker 2 piece barrels and the other various length misfits.

Unable to upload pics from phone but will either text pics or can upload them later.

selling for $600
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