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DATE: May 1, 2010.

TIMES: Saturday: MayDay Scenario Game
Check-in starts 8:30am
Rules and game briefing 9:00am
MayDay Game starts 10:00am
MayDay Ends 5:00pm
Prizes 5:30pm

LOCATION: Geko Paintball
63 Lawnacre Road, Windsor Locks, CT 06096

I-91 North OR I-91 South: Take exit 42. Turn right at the light at the end of the ramp. Geko Paintball is on the left.

ENTRY FEE: $30 includes All Day Air
!Save $10 if you pre-register before April 30!
Only $20 Entry!​

PAINTBALLS: FPO. All events at Geko Paintball are field paintballs only.
2000 paintballs (1 case) $65

!Save $10 per case if you pre-register before April 30!​

CO2 & Compressed Air included in entry fee.

TEAMS: Two paintball teams:
The Halberd Alliance vs The Blunderbust Crusaders.

A Driver's License or a security deposit will be needed until paintball equipment is returned at the end of the event.
Paintball Packages $30 - Includes Mask & Marker
Paintball marker $10.
Masks $5.
Air Tank $10.

!Save $10 on packages if you pre-register before April 30!​

PROHIBITED: paintball markers over 280 fps, Full-auto, Two-Way Radios & GPS Systems, Knives, Firearms, Flares, Rope, Wire, Portable Shields, Unbreakable Wire Trips, Laser Sights, PYROTECHNICS, ALCOHOL and DRUGS!

Awarded throughout the day.

The Backstory

In the year 2045, technology finally fails us. The Country’s resources like land and water become synonymous with power. Two families emerge from the chaos to try to control those resources and restore peace. The Blunderbust and Halberd family fights quickly become a war. That war rages for nearly 15 years.

On May 1, 2050, a reconnaissance mission launched by the Halberd army goes horribly wrong. A small, but elite force of solders is sent behind enemy lines to return with information that would end the war. They are shot down. In the resulting crash, the contingency loses the intel and the key to unlock the case that holds it. Technology fails once again, and communication gets muddled. Both sides receive the distress call. On that cool, quiet afternoon, both armies clearly hear Captain Everest call out: “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”

Securing the package, the key and the contingency means winning the war. But first, you have to survive


For information on how to pre-register, email me at [email protected]
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