Hello, I have this Gen 2 (I think?) T15 DMR for sale. I am the only owner and bought it when they were brand new only to field it once since i've bought it. I have taken it apart a couple times over the years in preparation for what I thought would be a summer of battles with the boys but my friends are softer than puppy poop on a hot summer day. I am now at the the point where unfortunately I have other hobbies and I only feel bad when I see my marker instead of excited. My loss can be your gain, If I recall correctly this build is pushing 2000$ CAD in its hay-days. I'm not expecting near that much for it now and only want a fair deal. Let me know if anyone is interested, I intend to sell most if it as a package. Oh also, I know I have a blank profile which is suspect, I deleted it during the toxicity of covid and recently made this account for marketplace. I have no problem meeting up in person and using paypal goods or whatever protection the buyer requires.

Whats included:
-Gen 2 T15 DMR base (everything aside from the stock, not sure where that ended up)
-Ninja 45 Lite air tank
-Drop down ASA (lowers the tank position on the gun so you can properly place your face behind the sight)
-Improved mag release switch (easier to change mags)
-4x stock T15 magazines and 3x the upgraded mags
-Magfed One-point sling
-Killhouse 9x40 sniping scope
-Valken red dot
-Killhouse Acog ? (reticle is illuminated either red or green with varying degrees in brightness)
-1 inch riser Pictanny rail (I found the DMR one was too tall with the HHA optimizer and a sight ontop. It gave the gun awkward balance and made me feel exposed.)
-Canted Pictanny rail for secondary optics.
-Stock DMR adjustable riser
-HHA Optimizer (for those who dont know; it's used on bows and accurately predicts the lob of a paintball that is shot at 300 FPS. It requires you to sight it in but once you have that done you are able to acquire a target and then adjust the knob underneath your sight to the predicted yardage and dirty some lenses.)
-Rubber grips around the handguard
-First-Strike Barrel Adjustment Sleeve Adapter 2.0 (The free-floating handguard is known to have some wiggle to it but this sleeve solves that problem. Not only this but In my pictures I have shown the visible rust on the old barrel adapter and this part will be a direct replacement.)
-T15 Gun case
-T15 barrel cleaner x2
-T15 extra parts kit (never used)
-T15 barrel sleeve
-I also have a rig and some other gear that I would part way with but I wasn't against holding onto it incase I do find myself on a field again.
-Rust on some hardware (Look at the pics closely as I have it all included in the pictures)
This is the only damage/wear on the marker. If you can come to me in the edmonton area I have no problem with you inspecting the gun.
Appraisal appreciated, not sure of an exact price but all together I was thinking in the vicinity of 800-1000$? I'm being fairly vulnerable here in the sense that I dont have any idea what this goes for in current market and I only want a fair deal for both parties. Let me know any more questions, I tried to be thorough.