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Gen-E Matrix and 2k2 Intimidator For Sale!!!

I am currently selling my Generation-E Matrix (no eyes;shoots consistently;no problems)
Generation-E Matrix (without barrel)
Check-It Products Locking Feedneck
PBC Front Reg
CP Shorty Inline Reg
CP Rail
CP on/off
GUN20 Chip for improved efficiency
Aardvark bolt kit
Dye Backplate + grip
Dye 12" Ultralite

Asking for around $300 Prices are higly negotiable... Just looking for a little cash. Photos can be found on the pictures section of this website.

2002 Bob Long Intimidator
WAS Equalizer Board v2.0
KO Products Rail
KO Products On/off
Aftermarket Delrin Bolt
Hybrid Ram Cap
Snatch Grip

Asking for around $400 including the Dye Ultralite 12"
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