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ok i got a genx-3 cocker green/black fade. good condition might need a little work. last time i shot it, it was dry fire and it worked fine but i havent put any paint thru it yet.

green-black fade genx-3
ans jackhammer 2 front reg
ans x-2 inline reg (great reg 90$ on action village)
ans 3-way
ans quick pull bolt
dye hinge frame

the gun is sold as is. i dont ahve any pbnation or pbf feedback but i got 21 positive ebay feedback.

gun is pending to someone else for 100 but if i get offers for 150 i will sell to them.

EDIT:last time i fired this gun it was dry fire. it completly cycled no problem. i am selling the gun as is.

oh snap
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I can trade a digital camera (hp photosmart 635) for it. I could add xbox games, or maybe a 256mb memory card. Might also be able to add some cash...but right now, all I have is like 35.

The digi cam is 150...memory card was 40-50 i think...and i have a ton of xbox games that i have bought for various prices. I can get you a list of the games and stuff like that. I can get pictures of everything as well.
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