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No I dont dont, but my name is chris, now we can not care together! Nah jk, whats up man.

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Wildfire Snellville. Used to go to Wild Bill's but they closed down. I'm pissed. I liked Wild Bill's so much better because their prices were cheaper and they were cooler.

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Georgia Scenario Event!!! in Rome

"Battle of the Flags!!!" Georgia paintballing
Flag Wars 11-10-07
not 10-20-07 game conflict had to change date.

It will be even bigger and better than the spring game!

Registration @ 11:00am
[email protected] 12:00 noon
Game Starts @ 1:00 pm
Lunch Break @ 5:00 pm
2nd half starts @ 6:00 pm (teams swap sides)
Game ends @ 10:00 pm

Preregister Prices:
All Day Air 15.00
Field Fee 15.00
Bring your own paint or buy ours
paint prices are 45.00 or 55.00 depending on brand
Rental Packages are 30.00 (gun,mask,all day air, field fee included)
we have limit of 40 rentals must preregister for rentals.

So talk it up and lets have a great time!

Post up and inquire either with me or go directly to Scenario Paintball Games and hit up the forums!!!

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what a sparse forum.
Looking for a group to play with.
Private property only.
I live in the metro atlanta area.
I have a couple locations.

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Scenario Sundays @

Every last sunday of each month....

Carnage Paintball in Woodstock will be hosting mini scenario games:


More information:

Our goal with these mini scenarios are to allow you as a recreational player, a player who wants to play scenario and cant afford the prices or the time off a chance to play a scenario without the price that comes with it. You dont have the travel, the hotel, or the higher entry and paint cost like at normal 12 hour and 24 hour games.

We hope you enjoy these games and we will do everything we can to make sure you have a good time.

Look forward to seeing you soon.
Next event theme:

July 27, 2008 - " Red -vs- Blue"

Check in starts at 10:00 AM
Ref meeting at 10:30 AM
Meeting of Generals 11:00 AM (anybody intrested in general positions email [email protected])
Meeting of players 11:30 AM
Game starts at 12:00 PM
Final battle at 5:00PM
Field closes at 6:00PM

Field Fee and All day Air: $15

Triumph $50 (while avaliable)
Bronze $55
Silver $60
(Bronze and Silver avaliable in 500 round bags)
Grenades $6 (while avaliable, we sold out fast last event)
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