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Been workin as a first year apprentice for the past 6 months, and in may I'll start my second year apprentice ship makin about 10.50 so I'm gonna be savin every other week for two years straight. The prize:

Two years of off and on savin will put me at about 8 grand, an 03 should be significantly less than that price range. I know the ole spill about gas mileage, etc... but I want the truck because I want the damn truck.

Anyways, once I get it I'll be makin around 14-15 dollars an hour *not much everywhere else but it's pretty good for mississippi, be makin about 24 dollars when I turn out then I plan on goin to Iraq as an electrician doin military bases, they make about 325k a year....*

So I'm wantin to get this and pop on it:
Banks Power | ’99-03 Ford 7.3L Power Stroke >> PowerPack® System

Until then and before I start savin, I plan on putting my type r back to use and givin it a twin brother..another type r. Problem is I'm in a v6 ford taurus and not sure if the alternator is gonna last with that kind of load, afraid as soon as I put even 500 constant it's gonna **** the bed... And I've found a place that sells a 200 amp alternator for Ford Tauruses, so I know where to get an alternator and they have the 4 guage charge kit fused, but the problem I have is the battery....will a big alternator fry a standard battery?
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