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HEY, I am getting out of paintball!!! so im getting rid of all of my stuff!!! and for not that much either!!! I have a black magic autococker that is said to be 1 of 12 made custom for the team missouri magic! Its in good condition but needs to be tuned just a little bit. it has a new system x delrin bolt, a new ram, a new drop forward. $250-$275

Next up is a NXE Gear Bag that is new and has only been brought to one tournament. $35-40

Then there is a Dye Hybrid pair of pants size medium that have only been used a couple times. $40

I then have a Pure energy 68ci 3000psi tank that is not incredibly new but it works, it comes with a dye rhino cover $45

12v revvy hopper good condition w/ new shell- can get pics$ make offer

I also have a swab, a barrel sock, and some dye C4 gloves that have the right pointer and middle finger cut out so i can walk to trigger better, Make offer on that

All these prices are somewhat flexible and every sale is final

I wil be willing to give it all away for $315!!!!!
Take advantage of that!!!!!!
if you are interested email me at [email protected], pm me, or just simply post!!! go for it... money talks!!!
The pics are at this link
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