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here is some stuff im sellin....

Spyder Flash- UPS ON THIS

Paintball Carrying Case

Dye Harness (holds 5 pods)

JT Thermal Mask w/ extra lense

Brass eagle mask

Viewloader revvy w/ xboard

2 200 ct. hoppers


12 oz c02

Spyder repair kit/ spring kit/ extra parts kit

Tiger shark and Avenger paintball guns

Dye ultralight barrel (14 inch)

2 12 inch barrels

zeus g2 paintball pistol (never used)

zeus g2 mags(2) and barrel

zeus g2 holster (holds 1 mag and 3 12 grams)

12 gram c02 adapter

2 squeegies

goggle cleaner( new)

if you interested in any of these either AIM, email, or simply post with questions...i have pics of everything!!!! offer up for single prices..... I need to get rid of this stuff

email- [email protected]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts