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We have an Impulse for sale or for trade it comes with everyhting that it came in the box with plus some.

Upgrades include-
Blade trigger
OTB Blind bolt- this bolt is one of the best bolts ever made for an impulse this bolt make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to break a ball in your chamber.
Smart Parts brass hammer

I am adding some stickers that are in the pictures below

This impulse comes with Shocker lube(used to lube the bolt) it comes with a manual and the regulator manual. it also has 2 yes 2 warranty cards that have not even been touched. This Impulse comes with a barrel condom. it will all be in the ORIGINAL box that it came in. this gun is slighty used. it has been used no more than 3 times and i have never had a problem with this gun. Satisfaction is garunteed or your money back.No questions asked

I will take Cash, Money orders, or checks (sorry i do not have paypal) with the checks please allow 7 days to pass.

If you need to look at our feedback on ebay please look up the username JFFOLAND


Aol instant messanger screan name is- Basketballer756
Email address is- [email protected]


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