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this is a little long but still quite entertaining... (im j00)

FreakRider08: hey kiddo
j00GotBunkerd: howdy
FreakRider08: i have picked up a new hobby
FreakRider08: but i still like paintball
j00GotBunkerd: ok
FreakRider08: yea it is a kewl hobbie too
j00GotBunkerd: which is?
FreakRider08: paranormal (ghost and such
j00GotBunkerd: rrright
j00GotBunkerd: and how is this a hobby
FreakRider08: my friend and i go and take pictures
j00GotBunkerd: of what
FreakRider08: of things that are haunted
j00GotBunkerd: which is?
FreakRider08: ghosts
FreakRider08: houses
FreakRider08: cemetaries
j00GotBunkerd: just cuz they are old and run down doesnt mean they are haunted
FreakRider08: stuff like that we go and take pictures of
FreakRider08: well we havent gone in any old run down houese
FreakRider08: we go into nice houses
j00GotBunkerd: what the hell are u supposed to take a picture of?
FreakRider08: orbs
FreakRider08: and foggs
FreakRider08: mists
j00GotBunkerd: ok
j00GotBunkerd: i can make mist out of my sink...
FreakRider08: stuff that people get creeped out by
FreakRider08: well we dont really look 4 the mist and stuff
FreakRider08: we jsut go 4 the orbs
j00GotBunkerd: what the hell is an orb
FreakRider08: a little thing that gets energy off of our flashlites and cameras
FreakRider08: so that it ca take human form
j00GotBunkerd: ok then
FreakRider08: im not bothered by the stuff anymore
FreakRider08: i have taken about 3 pictures today
FreakRider08: in my own house
j00GotBunkerd: ok
j00GotBunkerd: and u believe ur house is haunted?
FreakRider08: just because there is an orb dont mean it is haunted
j00GotBunkerd: ok how is an orb supposed to be real?
j00GotBunkerd: ??
FreakRider08: it is a spiriit if you will
j00GotBunkerd: how the hell u know its a spirit, its just a illusionary image that appears to turn out to be somethin cuz of ur imagination
j00GotBunkerd: but o well if it intrests u then keep at it
FreakRider08: im serious
FreakRider08: dude i have seen bodies
FreakRider08: this is our site
j00GotBunkerd: any ur pics on here?
FreakRider08: page hold on
FreakRider08: i gotta remeber
j00GotBunkerd: wow this site is SLOW
FreakRider08: i know
FreakRider08: do u tell austin everything i say
j00GotBunkerd: how do u know those pics arent photoshoped?
FreakRider08: it is the one
FreakRider08: becasuse i made the one
FreakRider08: i didnt make it
FreakRider08: i took it
FreakRider08: it is the one with the boy in it
j00GotBunkerd: send me a link
FreakRider08: i didnt take any of the picturese
FreakRider08: on the site
FreakRider08: im joking
FreakRider08: but i do take pictures of ghost
FreakRider08: s
j00GotBunkerd: ok
FreakRider08: just i dont put them on that sight
FreakRider08: but i really do chase ghost
FreakRider08: i do like to look at the orbs
FreakRider08: hey ill send you a pictures
FreakRider08: i got one copied
FreakRider08: here
j00GotBunkerd wants to directly connect.
FreakRider08: what is this
j00GotBunkerd: connect
FreakRider08 has not responded; no connection was made. (If you and your buddy are each behind a different firewall, then the connection will not work; check with your network administrator if you are not sure about your firewall status.).
j00GotBunkerd: bleh
FreakRider08 wants to send file this is my orb.jpg: THis is my orb
j00GotBunkerd received C:\My Do***ents\download\j00GotBunkerd\this is my orb.jpg.
FreakRider08: what was that
j00GotBunkerd: its direct connect
FreakRider08: did u get my pic
j00GotBunkerd: how did u take that pic?
FreakRider08: camera
j00GotBunkerd: i mean did u just see em floatin there?
FreakRider08: yea
FreakRider08: they come in all colors shapes and sizez
j00GotBunkerd: k
FreakRider08: those ones came in red and white
FreakRider08: i see those all the time
FreakRider08: u whould just sit still in the dark
FreakRider08: should*
FreakRider08: and whatch
FreakRider08: it is kinda wierd
j00GotBunkerd: i bet
FreakRider08: try it
FreakRider08: how old is your house
FreakRider08: and has anyone died in it
j00GotBunkerd: yea
FreakRider08: who
j00GotBunkerd: it was made in like the 30-40's
FreakRider08: who died in it
j00GotBunkerd: step grandma and my step dads cousin
FreakRider08: you ever feel a room get really cold
j00GotBunkerd: nope
j00GotBunkerd: unless its winter which it is...
FreakRider08: never feel it get cold in a room all of a suddon
j00GotBunkerd: negative
FreakRider08: you ever get the chills
FreakRider08: for no reason
j00GotBunkerd: he died in the kitchen and its never cold in there
FreakRider08: you ever get the chills for no reason
j00GotBunkerd: not really
FreakRider08: so nothing really happens
j00GotBunkerd: nopeFreakRider08: ever see that somthing moved whil you were gone
j00GotBunkerd: nope... dude theres no poltergeist type activity or paranormal stuff goin on...
FreakRider08: has anything weird ever happened in your house ever
FreakRider08: ^^^^^^^^^^
j00GotBunkerd: no
FreakRider08: do u have to tell austin everything
j00GotBunkerd: no
j00GotBunkerd: i never told him to do anything, hes just a freak on his own
FreakRider08: well i g2g
j00GotBunkerd: k
j00GotBunkerd: c ya
FreakRider08: so peace

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btw the convo is still goin on so im adding little bits and pieces on to it

*edit* ok not anymore its done as u can see..... now arent people silly! some of those pics on that site kinda freaked me out but some are photoshoped, others im not sure about.... they may be set up tho

the mist and fog ones are retarded ones but the ones of people r kinda eerie.... freak rider (pete) is still a silly goose

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that pic with the skeleton on page two is so stupid
you can see the part where it tells what the bones are called and i dentifies the was probably from a science class

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and here is again trying to claim ghosts are real:

FreakRider08: hey kiddo
j00GotBunkerd: howdy
FreakRider08: have u ever seen three men and a baby
j00GotBunkerd: yea
FreakRider08: you seen the ghost in it
j00GotBunkerd: heard about it
j00GotBunkerd: i havent seen it recently so i havent checked
FreakRider08: look for movies
j00GotBunkerd: ok
FreakRider08: it is not that scary
FreakRider08: it is just a little boy standing in the window behind the curtons
FreakRider08: woops
FreakRider08: just accidentally ot rid of my yahoo
j00GotBunkerd: its fake...
FreakRider08: how do u know
j00GotBunkerd: Status: False.
j00GotBunkerd: says so
j00GotBunkerd: its cardboard cut-out
j00GotBunkerd: plus the fact its a stage and not a real location....
FreakRider08: well the truth about it i s
FreakRider08: no it was filmed
FreakRider08: in an apartment
j00GotBunkerd: a set
FreakRider08: apartment
j00GotBunkerd: Additionally, all indoor scenes were shot on a Toronto soundstage -- no real structures were used for interior filming.
j00GotBunkerd: so shut ya face
FreakRider08: damn u
j00GotBunkerd: it took place plot wise in an apartment
j00GotBunkerd: but wasnt filmed in one
FreakRider08: so why did they put that kid there then
j00GotBunkerd: it isnt a kid
FreakRider08: what is it
j00GotBunkerd: Ted Danson
FreakRider08: why the hell would they put him there
j00GotBunkerd: he was supposed to be part of the movie but they never put it in and somehow it ended up in the scene
j00GotBunkerd: its just a cut-out
j00GotBunkerd: one of those cardboard standups
FreakRider08: but why
FreakRider08: and then there is another pictures
FreakRider08: of a rifle
j00GotBunkerd: its not a rifle
FreakRider08: what is it
j00GotBunkerd: A detail obviously inspired by the jagged black outline created as the curtains move away from in front of the figure's left-hand side. The black portions of the figure form an outline that does resemble a shotgun standing on its end, barrel down
FreakRider08: so it could be a gun
j00GotBunkerd: yea a gun just sitting there...
j00GotBunkerd: right
FreakRider08: yup
j00GotBunkerd: and how and why would a gun be propped up by itself on a set stage?
FreakRider08: dunno
j00GotBunkerd: my point exactly
FreakRider08: oh b quite
j00GotBunkerd: ok well g2g

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Those blotchy pictures and "orbs" are caused by some magnetic force interfereing with the camera. It's as simple as that. As for the bodies, photoshop.

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"This picture shows the same area but has a large red orb covering the right side of the picture. I don't think this was caused by a finger in front of the lens because you can see where the orb separates around the ledge."

It looks like a finger to me.


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its a finger. When something is that close it makes it blurry and you can see through some of it. Unless your finger is a haunted finger your out of luck.:D

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He is registered on the forum... Remember the aim prank where that guy posted saying he was an idoit and he was sorry? That was him...

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that guy that p4int was talking to contradicted himself and made it look like he is in idiot. Anyways, why people don't see that stuff until they develop pics is because regular pics aren't very trusty. Many times the pics get ruined because of the developer and/or the film being exposed to something like heat.

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No I'm not Pete.
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