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Hello there,

My name is Gunni and I live in Iceland, about 1 and half years ago I ordered some paintball gear from PunishersPB worth 615 dollars + shipping. When the **** actually arrived here in Iceland my post company messed things up and I wasn't notified that it was here and it sat here for 3 months. When I called them they couldn't tell me if it was here or not until the day that they shipped it back. So the stuff was going on a ~2 month trip to the US and I couldn't pick it up anymore. I was furious at that time but paintball practices were starting so I bought another package from PunishersPB and shipped it with priority 2 week mail, costed me about 800 with shipping but they hadn't received the other package yet so I couldn't verify that I had that money. I finally get my paintball gear and I called PunishersPB and they gave me credit for 615$.

So.. now I live in another country, already have my paintball gear and I'm stuck with a 615$ credit with them.

I'm a verified PayPal member and I'm here to try and sell this credit. I could f.x. buy a gift certificate for the sum and then sell you that certificate.

Taking offers via e-mail: gunni [att] gunnih [dot] com

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