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I have several guns up for sale, the first gun is a gloss blue dm4, only 150 in this color, comes with everything in the pic

The next gun is also a gloss blue dm4, comes with everything in the pic, has an m3 chip, i also have stock grips that i will send with it

The next gun is a NIB defiant 2

the next gun is a used 02 angel

the next gun is a used cocker, no scratches

the last gun is a spyder imagine, comes with teardrop barrel, and sweetspot trigger

here is a pic of all the guns together

i want 900 for either of the dm4
i want 600 for the defiant
i want 500 for cocker
i want 500 for the angel
i want 100 for the spyder

i know the prices are high, so if you don't have that much just make an offer

i will not ship first, i have feedback
you must have money

here are the trades i will take, i will trade any of the guns for a dm5,dmc, or ego NOTHING ELSE, if you don't have a dm5,dmc, or ego then don't talk to me, i will not add cash, i will not consider any other trades

the only guns i will consider trades on are the cocker, angel, or spyder, i might do all 3 of them for 1 gun
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