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want a fully functinal marker and 68 ci fibe rtank any got any timmy's, karnys, angles, dyes or any high end marker i wnt a pkg deal for 600 with 68ci tank no pro masters i already got one oh and if u have a 12vlt revvy ill take that too for backup!

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*ION With The Big-Q*
I can strip this ION down to stock.
Right now it has all the below listed ups on it.
You can have it stock or tell me what ups to leave on.
I don't have a stock reg so I'll leave the DOP Reg on it.
Stock ION with DOP Reg $285
Add what u want.
Clippard QEV-$10 (used
DOP Regulator - $35 (used and included in stock price)
VP/Techna Scythe Trigger-$35(new
CCM No Rise Heli-Clamp Feedneck-$30(new
NDZ Drop Kick-$25(new
14" J&J Ceramic Edge Kit-$75(used
Qloader $100 (500 Round)
88/4500 Crossfire HP $130
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