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Good news coming from Spudnukl.........

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Well I know how they have been getting a bad wrap for thier shipping problems but seems like that might be fixed soon which is great to hear because the bolts are amazing and I know a few of you are still waiting for your bolts along with others in different ofrums and I use to always reccomend it until the recent shipping problems..........
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Yay, soon I will be able to reccomend spud with a clear consciense.
Yea, good thing that man stepped up hopefully things will get going and back to normal.!?
Tex said:!?
It is

Fiki, they are not in competition with xpaintball so its ok.
LoL I didnt do that one. And no im not lying I really didn't. But I know who did :p.
Why does it say edited by kingfikielectra at the bottom of the post then?
Because I changed it back :). Me and advanters where on the phone and we both saw this and I wanted to leave it alone. But u can buy the bolt there so he changed it then I changed it then he changed it and explained to me so then I was like ok. But ummm i guess if it approved im ok with it.
We have been posting that site for a long time. Its fine. And I asked Bubba about it along with and micro-switch sites and its fine, too bad bubba isnt really around anymore :rolleyes:
bubba's been around a bit actually has had some great idea's been out of the lounge though mostly.
Yea Sr. not the good old Jr. who was a mod.
I hope they get this settled with thier shipping soon as I have been waiting since April for mine. They still don't answer thier phones or e-mail -- I faxed them, But I have no way of knowing if they got my fax or not.
Oh well -- tigershark is the same product for cheaper - just they don't have the reputation yet like Spudnuk'l does. Very frustrating.
Try and get in contact with that guy who bought the company back, he said he'll try his best to get the bolts out.
Kirkysboy said:
Yea Sr. not the good old Jr. who was a mod.
They are the same. Bubba just ditched his old account.
Yea I know but hes not a mod anymore.
i stepped down as a mod. Just felt like it wasn't right to do anymore. I dropped the post count name and started fresh. Im still the same old me just under a new name. And yea he kirkysboy asked a good time ago on that. totally cleared then to insure he wouldn't get banned for it.
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