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I played the game of my life at a little place in nw Nebraska. It had a scenario called "heartbreak hill" that had 2 machine gun nests that had to be taken at the top of the hill. Our side, at the bottom, had alot of bunkers and one machine gun nest. Then I heard them talking of a field they would be ready this season that will have 12 buildings that have to be stratigically entered and cleared by rooms. Each team will have six buildings. there will be a divider in the street, dividing the towns. The object of the mission is, both teams will consist of 15 men. Every half hour 5 more men will be delivered to your side. There will be a hostage on both sides, and a box of uranium. Teams can assault each other to get back their hostage. Both hostages know the location of thier and each others uranium. So you can try to convince thier hostage to reveal their flag and he will be released. Or if you obtain your hostage back, you will gain knowledge of the location of their uranium. There can be terrorist attacks, special ops, abstractions which consists of a truck crashing the gate with 5 men aboard to assault the building with their hostage or uranium.
I've seen all the works they've put into this. And it is really going to be cool.
I will try to get more information off of these guys if your interested.
Sounds like a dream to me, and when they open it, I'll be there.
Hope to see you there, but if not, have fun and play safe.
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