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Blade mods

Ok i have two mods here 1 i havent tried and the other i havent got to work yet but i know why. so if u got a old blade you are thinking about throwing away check this out.

1) replace the springs (there are two you need to replace) i relaced the large one (you will c it when u dissassemble the gun) w/ part or a spiral notebook. Also the part where you screw the co2 in can be unscrewed and there is a small spring in it (ill get pics soon). The springs have to be in a certian ratio in order to properly work. The large one pushes the part w/ the sear back which opens a valve that the small spring closes. if you only replace the large one then it will be is to weakand the air wont come out. Ill explain this when i get pics, which ill try to do soon.

2)ok i was thinkin of a cool, yet hard to do mod. I wanted to make my blade bolt action. I was thinking of taking the pump part off and then cutting a hold in the side of the gun. Then melt a bolt to the peice that the pump puses back so it would be like a reg bolt. Then u wanted to hoow up rubber bands or a spring to return it so instead of a full cocking motion you would only pull it back and let go. In order for this to work you probally would need the lighter springs but i will get pics if i do this or atleast pics to explain.

I highly reccomend if you want to do mods 2 that you also do mod one.
ill try to get pics soon to show what all i mean but i g2g now.
Also w/ out the pump arm on it gives the blade a whole new look and you can put on a bipod or make somekinda barrel extension. Ill get pics asap.

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