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Everything I have is going up for sale and here are the specs:

2k3 Green Shocker w/ maxflow 45/45, CCM feed neck $700
*bought it from Jason Green with the All-A signature board but I replaced it with the Dynasty board. The All-A board will cost another $25 if that is what you prefer.

Black/yellow Profiler mask $45

Black Empire loader $50

WGP 3+4 pack w/pods $25

Barrel swab & neck squegee $5

Dye Core knee pads (not the C5's) $25

JT knee pads $20

$800 for everything all together you pay shipping. If i have to part out then all prices stick. At this point i am not very negotiable. I will have pics up by Friday. If you have any questions you can contact me at:

[email protected]
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