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Guide To hoppers

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This should End Alot of those "Good hopper for x $'s" kinda questions...

There are basicly 3 types of hoppers. Gravity fed, Agitated and Force Fed.

When you first get a gun, IT will probably come w/ a Gravity Fed hopper. No batteries and you have to shake it all the time.

Once yopu start shooting faster, you will notice that you will break alot of paint. thios is because you are "outshooting" the hopper. Which means that you are shooting faster then the hopper Can feed. Most Gravity fed hoppers can only feed about 7-8 BPs or Balls Per second

Then you will probably Discover the 12vlt. Revolution hopper by Viewloader. this hopper Retail for around $50-$60. this is a Basic Agitaded Hopper. Other hoppers in this Catagory are the Richochet Series (around $60 or so), The new Halo TSA Front man and Back man (about $70 for LED and like $85 or so for LCD model) You also have the Enmpire Reloader which is a Sound Activated Hopper and cots around $50. You also have some of the more "crummy hoppers" like the Zap "vibrator" loader and Extream Rage loader. All of these loaders feed about 13 BPS

The next Catagory you have is a Cross-breed Kinda hopper. It's called the Evolution II. Also known as the Egg or Egg2. This hopper Uses in a sence both Force feed and Agitation. IT retails for about $80, and you can also buy an Upgrade board for $25 which makes it feed around 16 BPS

The Final Type of Hopper is called the Force Feed. Only 1 hopper on the market uses Force Feed technology and that is the Halo B. IT ustilizes a Spring driven "drive cone" to have constant tention on the pballs so imidiatly after 1 is shot, another is Driven right into it's place. Some guns have problems w/ these type's of hoppers b/c of the force they feed paintballs at. A second type of Froce Feed hopper wich is the Halo B but with a different board in it is called the Reloader B, madfe by Empire Paintball. This is the Same as a Halo B but instead of usuing Eyes to detent paint, it uses the Sound of the gun being fired.

Both hoppers feed about 22+ BPS.

I hope this helped with all those Questions.
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Gravity Feed Loaders - Rely on the force of gravity to load the paintballs through the feedneck, and into the marker's chamber.

Agitating Loaders - Have eye sensors at the top of the feedneck which snese the paintballs being loaded into the marker. If they sense a still paintball (when you are not shooting), the proppellor remains still. If they don't sense a paintball, or the paintballs are not still in the vision of the sensor (when you are shooting), the proppellor spins, and loads paintballs into the feedneck of the loader. Basically, aitating loaders feed paintballs until there is no space left inbetween the marker's chamber, and the proppellor. So, in other words, they feed paintballs into the loader's feedneck.

Sound Acitvated Loaders - Once the sound sensor in the loader hears the marker being fired, the proppellor spins and feeds another paintball into the feedneck of the loader. If the sensor does not hear the marker being fired, the proppellor remains still. These also merely feed paintballs into the loader's feedneck.

Force Feed Loaders - These loaders have all of the power they need. They actually "force" the paintballs directly into the marker's chamber to be fired, unlike agitating loaders while they feed into the loader's feedneck. There will never be any space left open in the feedneck of the loader, or the chamber.
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hey where do you get 16 bps WITH z board in the evo? Come on! it will feed 17 STOCK nad with the z board around 24!! come on correct this
no they wont, thats like saying the revvy can feed 13-15 bps
tippmandan, Are you reading the package of the Egg or something, a Y-board egg feeds around 14 BPS stock, and a Z-board will feed around 16-17 BPS.
The max ROF with eggII boards vary between them. Some will get pretty low ROF, others will be 20+. There is no set ROF with these.
eggs feed at 17, but some people probobly do not turn the switch up to maximum, i have tested my egg to make sure it feeds 17 and it did, and with the z board it is capped at 24, so wher does 16 comr from with a z-board
my egg could handle 16-17 bps on my cocker pretty easy and so can my halo b so i''m pretty damn sure the evo 2 w/ Z board does 18-20 busts a little more...
Latest results I've seen are:

1. Halo B: 25.29 BPS Avg.

2. eVLution II w/Z Board: 21.07
w/o Z Board: 18.21

3. VL Revolution: 11.88

4. Ricochet 2k: 11.71
They only tested like the top 4 popular loaders.
Accually fastest on the Market is a Halo B w/ Victory Board and the Reloader B. which do feed faster then the Q-loader, are cheaper, and more effective.
Yea I wasnt numbering them for fastest to slowest of all loaders, I was just numbering them so they were easier to read. Sorry for any confusion.
bunkertime said:
tippmandan, Are you reading the package of the Egg or something, a Y-board egg feeds around 14 BPS stock, and a Z-board will feed around 16-17 BPS.
Y bord feeds 15 Bps then Z BORD 18-20 BPS
Qloader can feed up to 100 bps if you tighten the spring enough.
Q-Loader is the fastest. Seen a video of a guy unloading a Q-Pod or whatever into a bin in a slpit second easily.
They advertise 30+ BPS. The + is in reality about 50BPS with the max 16 prewinds on the spring. I tested it myself. The pod holds 100 rounds and will unload in just under 2 seconds. Thats 50+ BPS baby yeah!
yes, but when you ca only carry 100 rounds at a time, and have to shoot them all before you can really reload (which means no topping off) plus $200+ for 12 pods and another $200+ for the starter turney system which only comes w/ 4 pods, i don't feal Q-loader is worth the money. I'll stick to my Victory board Halo and $.80 Fat boys :)
The EGGII feeds 18 with the Y board. With the Z, it feeds 24.
egg 2 feeds 17 and egg 2 with z board feeds 22-24
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