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I have my cocker I am willing to sell shipped.

$450 for all this:

CCM Series 5 dust black (May '04)
CCM J2 86* Hinge frame dust black (May '04)
Check-it Uni-mount black/black (May '04)
Belsales Hollow-point 3-way black (Aug. '04)
Belsales 44 Magnum Ram black (Aug. '04)
Palmers Micro-Rock LRP black (Aug. '04)
KAPP K2 Aluminum Pump Arm black (Aug. '04)
Aluminum case with foam padding is included. See Gun Photos.
Halo B Smoke with Z-code. (Sep '04)

I also have a CCM Pump Arm (May '04) and will added it for $500 I have an offer of $65shipped for it right now but if you buy my gun I will include it for $50.

The Gun.


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Ill take 240 shipped if you can use paypal.

Its a 2k2 Cocker w/ Aim21 Eagle Body BLACK(Brand new, Never used. Un-Timed)
Comes with
-STO 3-way
-matching chrome Aim Eagle Dropforward (Brand new, Never used)
-Black AIM battle axe hinge trigger frame (Brand new, Never used)
-Palmer Micro Rock reg (Brand new, Never used)
-Maddman Rocket Valve (Brand new, Never used)
-Sto Ram
-Dye Stickies
-New Cocking Rod (Brand new, Never used)
-Everything else is stock and in perfect working order
Oh, also included with no charge are the
1: valve tool
2: WGP Barrel Condom
3: Battle Lube (for pnuemamics)
4: Stock LPR
5: O-Rings
6: Beavertail
7: Extra clear blue pnuenamics hose
8: Some extra misc parts, screws bolts etc.
9: Stock valve
Its really a good looking gun, shoots great.
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