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Items im selling: prices below

Worrbladed freeflow ( for sale only, no trades)


-freeflow Rhythm Body
-Worrblade frame with samurai trigger
-Palmer's pursuit fatty stabilizer w/ phat gauge
-Palmer's pursuit lpr with knob
-freeflow internals(brand new main spring)
-smc ram with qev's
-gripper feed tube
-brand new nylatron bolt
-cp asa rail
-matrix 12' cp barrel
-eclipse ball detent
-lifetime warranty from freeflow so basically you break it, they fix it for free -pics does not have a macro line but i ordered already so ill put it in there before i send it.
-just got it from freeflow today, very well timed and tuned. i sent it just to make sure everythings in its best working condition before i sell it.very well maintain and always cleaned after a day of paintball.

here's the pics:

2K2 autococker for trade only(no blow backs except tes)


-red vert feed 02 body
-System X trigger frame
-System X beavertail
-Delrin Bolt
-STO ram
-STO 3 way
-eclipse qev
-macroline set up
-Kapp cocking rod
-matching cp barrel
-stainless steel barrel
-stock barrel
-the body is eblade ready
and has a hole for the eye.
-very well timed and has a very light trigger pull. very well maintained and always cleaned after a day of paintball.

Here's the pics:

Misc stuff:

-Mirage (old but works fine)
-aluminum gun case
-DOP bullet drop with on/off
-XL Jt jersey

Here's the pic:

2k2 cocker=trades
gun case=20 or trades
jersey=15 or trades
DOP drop with on/ off= 20 or trades
Mirage= make offer or trades

Post here or pm me before aiming or emailing me. thanks

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will you take money for the 2k2 cocker?

free up.

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How bout i trade an autococker with WGP hinge trigger, Dye 3 way, Palmers rock reg, drop forward, and freak system plus $250 for your E cocker
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