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Hello everyone. As a precursor to requesting assistance here, I did check the first 4 pages and read the stickies looking for other instances of this problem.
Problem starts at ** for those who don't care for back-story.

I'm an old player finally finding my way back to the game. When I opened my closet and unpacked my 2k3 impulse, I noticed my Revvy12's were completely cracked. Without looking online, and giving my excuse to upgrade to a Halo, I pitched both of them. Stupid move #1.

I picked up a Halo B a few weeks back at my local pro shop (without a pre-installed RIP drive. Mistake #2). I had vaguely remembered reading something about how the Halo needed to be sanded down before it would fit most feed necks. With my marker being older, ...well.. lets just say I was playing with my Tippmann98 Grav load my first day out.

So, After reading about the RIP, and seeing many many many people complaining about the stock plastic drive cone, I decided to go for a Shocketech hot-road upgrade all in 1 doo-dad.

I put the instructions on one screen, the video on another, and went step-by-step with the install. Everything fit, worked, and went first.

**problem starts here**

After turning it back on and turning the wheel to set the spring tension, I turned the hopper on and tried to jam it with my finger. It worked...for a moment. The tension spring then started jumping over the catch in the cup (or off the peg in the cone).

Before I booger things or try to modify them to make them work...usually resulting in getting frustrated and going back to stock parts...has anyone experienced this or able to point out something I may have overlooked in reassembly? A non-sympathetic spring backing a metal feed wheel looks to spell "blender" faster than it spells "halo".

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