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Hardcore woodsballers

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K today i whent paintballing and played quite a bit of woodsball. One field had no man made cover at all. Boy did i have trouble. first off i was wearing a light blue sweater(planed on playing speedball and some mixed type fields). I am used to moving fast and rushing forward so that's what i did. Next thing you know, the trees...I mean guys in camo are firing at me... I tried it again same thing. So then i tried a more layed back approach worked a little better.The one thing i noticed was that the regular woodsball dudes where usually in full camo(even thier gun, mask tank and hopper) second thing was they like to crawl around and move slow and quitely if they choose to move much at all. Sometimes they just duck down in long grass and wait to ambush ppl like me. Are these normal woodsball traits that i should do if i want to compete in woodsball.
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Well, it depends what you mean by "compete." If your talking about just playing around with friends, probably not. But if you plan on playing in senarios, or even if you are going to play at fields like this alot and dont want to get creamed, it wouldn't be a bad idea. You definently want to get camo for yourself if your gonna play alot, for the gun its not as nessasary(sp?) but not hard(i used camo duct tape). As for the tactics, thats pretty much basic stuff. Rushing a guy will work sometimes, but for the most part, you just want to keep yourself hidden. In speed ball they(your opponents) know where you are, so theres no point in hiding. In woods ball, the less they know about where you are, the better.
Yeah i meant playing at fields against the "regulars" and maybe the odd scenario.
camo would help but isn't strictly necessary. Camo's usefulness depends heavily on the size and makeup of the field. i've crawled around weeds in a white shirt without being seen (more due to the density and height of the grass than any skill of mine) but camo would've helped. It boils down to that camo can't really hurt and just might give you that slight edge. Although be careful about camoing your gun or mask. You really want to do a good job otherwise it looks cheap.
and its just not about laying low and staying unseen..

You want to do them things, but also want to be going foward to where the opponents are. I hate playing with people that just go hide. you wont the go where the sh*t is happening, or you want to start the sh*t.

Just think, where are they, how could i get there without being seen, and what position should i use on them (like if they are spread out, just do one at a time or do i take a little group out then the rest.)

Something like that, keep playing and you'll hopefully get alot better.
" hate playing with people that just go hide. you wont the go where the sh*t is happening, or you want to start the sh*t."

oh yeah, i can't stand it when people do that. If you just perch in one spot and never move people will get mad. you gotta find an equilibrium between chargeing full on and just staying right where you are
whjen i play i stay low and if theres large wood cover i might run and find a new place to hide. I always found a good fallen log or something to stay low. Also be vewy vewy quiet cause then you can hear people moving around that way you wont get shot from an unknown angle.
yeah, ppl that like sit there and camp by a tree or sumtin the whole game suck, ya just gotta pressure them b4 u play the next game to move, be like "hey, i saw the bonfire u had goin over there, and man those smores and hot dogs looked good... can i come stay in ur tent awhile??" then they might move a bit...and if they dont, find where they like to hide, sneak up and paste em!!!
There seems to be 4 types of woodsballers.

First type is your camper, or n00b. These guys will typically not move from their position and just fire away in hopes you’ll slip up and they get lucky. These guys will hide behind the biggest tree they can find, and are normally very easy to spot. They typically can’t hide very well, and end up firing at the wrong times giving away their position. I love these guys, easy kills.

Second type is your less aggressive, more tactical player. These guys will tend to hide in the oddest places, sometimes with minimal cover, and spring out and ambush you. They’re very sneaky, very hard to deal with. They wait till they know they can hit you, and they do precisely that. These guys are fun, once you learn their style, you can learn to deal with them, but they can often hold up the opposing team if positioned correctly.

Third type is your mindless aggressive players. Often I find these players to have speedball routes. They tend to have this idea that everyone is hiding behind a bunker or tree and run up to it thinking they can get the jump on someone. This often causes them to be exposed and very easily dealt with. This by no means has anything to do with lack of skill, it’s just woodsball requires a different mind set and a different skill set.

Last, but not least, is the fourth type, your aggressive tactical woodsballer. These guys are a pain in the butt. They’re aggressive enough, but also tactically advanced enough to know how to get the jump on you. You really need the second type of player to deal with the fourth type.

That’s my view of woodsball. The “hardcore ballers” tend to turn woodsball into more of a fast paced game. If you get good enough, you’ll be able to size people up before they even set foot on the field. It’s a great ability to have, just don’t lean entirely on it. You never know, Little Billy the n00b might get the jump on ya!

- Brian
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yep headley, that pretty much sums it all up right there... i play mostly woods, and i'm like a middle between the 2nd and 4th type. i like to move around, but a little slower than what 4th type would, and i like to be sneaky.....
There's also the n00bs that hide in one bunker. That happened last time I played. The entire team (they were all n00bs) was behind one bunker keeping only one person down, from getting the center flag. Me and antoher guy, moved up behind them and shot them all out. It was very fun.
my brother has his tippy 98c he just hides in a bunker shootin through a hole, and it pisses us off!!! we play like 6-8 guys in a field about 50 feet wide, and about 200 feet long, and man that is ****in nuts cuz there's only like 4 bunkers!! lol it's crazy...

edit: we made our own field in my friends backyard.
Yea man, I know what that's like.

Yesterday when we were playing we decided to do a 2 vs. all match, it ended up being like 4 people against us cause some left, but we set a trap since we were out numbered.

Basically, myself and the other kid Jason laid in a swamp for 30 mins on our stomachs with all kinds of wild life running around us, and it was so friggen humid out. We won though! I nailed their best player when he walked right in front of us, then Jason got the sucky kid. Then lots of farting around until the last guy was in this thick brush and we couldn't see him. Jason and I were clearing the hillside and we both tripped and fell at the same time, just when the kid fired! lol! He missed us both and we made short work of him. Ah that was a fun round. ;)

- Brian
Yeah, one time, i was walkin and i tripped over a root and shot, it hit my freind in the leg and i didn't even know where he was, i was so lucky.
One of the places i play at, they like to use ALL their feilds at once, except the airball ones cuy they are off to the side, I would say im a type 2 woodsballer. They dont mix the teams up much and we had a bunch of new players on our team the whole day so we were forced to play defensively. Any way our flag was in the end of a hyberball feild, a bunch of type 3s flanked us while 2 type 4s kept us ocupied, we got the 4s out but the 3s got into the hyperball feild and we had a huge firefight, ran the clock down and we got a draw.
look at my signature thats how i cammoed my gun and mask doesnt look too bad its just fabric and hot glue
man, i would not suggest leavin that in ur sig or there's gonna be a lot of unhappy people, jusr warnin ya.....
Yea man, shrink that sig!!!! Everyone hates a big sig, and i believe we have rules against them do we not? Anyway, friendly warning this time :) Just resize it and all is well.

- Brian
I wanna get back into woods a little. I'd love toget a classic mag and just whip my friends in the woods. There are always problems with people shooting hot though.
noob camperz suck! I was out last weekend and 60% of the opposing team decided to stay at a big chopped down tree like 8 feet from the main fort. They all lined up and propped their barrels over the tree and shot at anything that moved. It was a large field and there was about 40 players. Their numbers dwindled as the friendly fire increased. To make a long story short 3 of my friends and myself flanked the noobz and told them they had 20 seconds to move or we would mow there asses. Instead of hopping over the tree and firing at the direction in which the voices came from the fastest lard ass turns around and asks, "Who said that?!!" So as any good teacher would have done we shot them all. thumup:
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