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Have a Halo but hate buying 6AA's at a time? Read this!

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You have a Halo B. Love it to death, but HATE buying 6AA's all the time? I build and Sell Harness's Enabaling you to use 2 9vlts instead of those 6AA's and Woprks great on the Halo. These are the same Design harness that Baltimore Trauma Uses on their halo's.

If have toe ability to make you urself, then this is how ya do it.

First, Take 2 9vlt connectors, and Strip the Wires on them so there is about 1/4 to 1/2" of bare wire, Then connect Red to Red and Black to Black

Next take another Wire connector and Strip the cleads on it same as the other ones, But this time connect the Black wire to the 2 Red wires and the Red wire to the 2 black wires. once you do this. put some soilder in the join then using HEat shrink, Wrap the wires. then connect the 2 9vlts, to the Connectors that u put Red to red 2. Then Connect the connector u connected the Black to 2 red and vis versa to the Connector in the Halo, Once you've done this, just shove the Excess Wire in the Halo and you are set

IM me at metallicafan9182 if you would like to order a Connector or if you have questions about making it

I will post pics as soon as i find my digi camera.

--Kan Man
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Oddyssey recommends that you do not use 9v's as a power source, they strongly recommend 6 AA's.

P.S. Do Rechargeable AA's work just as well as normal AA"s? I have 4 rechargeable and 2 norms for backups in my bag for my Halo B.
dont ever mix rechargables and regs they can blow up (not a big explosion just battery acids leaking)
anyone think of trying the AA's meant for digital cameras? those batteries power lcd screens for long periods of time... i would imagine that they would work much better in a halo then regular batteries plus i think you can get them in rechargeable.
Adias said:
dont ever mix rechargables and regs they can blow up (not a big explosion just battery acids leaking)
Even just for one day?
Yep, Never mix rechargable w Regular battery's. The reason is that Since a standard battery supplys larger amounts of energy at it's start then a Rechargable, THe ciretry will make the rechargable try to pull energy from the regular battery and it will cause the rechargable to short circut and leak. Also, I am sorta ditching the dual 9vlt i dea cause I was running some tests last night, and i am afraid it will burn out the motor quicker. So this is a Do at ur own risk expiriment.
if it's coming close to burning out the motor, you could possibly rig a small transformer to the wiring inbetween the 9v rig and the halo, that way, you keep the long live of the 9v, but the halo only takes the small amount of energy it needs. i wouldn't know how to make a transformer's just a thought
You mean something like a Transistor or Transducer? Well ne ways, I ran the harness all day yesterday at a turnament, shot around 5 pods a game and we won the turnament, so it's around 4-5 cases or so. Used the harness w/ 2 9vlts and ran like new ALL day, i still got like 4 harness's in my tool box and they are $7 shipped.
AA bateries produce 1.5 Volts. So six makes 9 volts.

Hooking two 9 volt batteries to your loader will provide double the voltage needed and may cause damage. Plus, 9 volts have a very low MaH rating and wont last long. I would suggest going to radio shack and buying a 9.6V rechargable radio controlled car battery. Or just buy some rechargable camera batteries. Look for a high MaH rating. Something like 1800MaH will give you a good lifetime between charges. Like stated above, dont mix rechargable NiCads with alkaline batteries. They have different voltages and will damage eachother!
6 Regular AA's=...............................9.0v
6 Reachargeable Batteries=...............7.2v
2 9v Batteries=..............................18.0v

Just go with 6 regs or 6 rechargeables
i think when they're using 2 9v's they are putting them in parralle so its still only 9 volts it will last twice as long as one 9v...but from what i hear AA work better
The diffrence between a 9v and 6 double AA's is not voltage. Its the mA's (milli-amps) that is diffrent. Also I dont know about you guys but 9v batteries are around $5 for 2. where I can get a huge pack of AA's for $7.

shoulde have bought the empire b or wutever the reloader the 150 $ one

that comes with both u just switch out the plastic things holding the battery
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