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OK - So...we have a very nice spread of male-dominated 15-40 year old this can actually be somewhat fun depending on how thoroughly each person chooses to weigh in.

For the time being, I'll do my best to be unbiased until we have a couple responses - at which point I'll throw out my pseudo-extreme view on this:


I was sorting through college paperwork and values statements, sifting through different clubs and policies... because a 9-6 employee has time to attend 2+ classes AND participate in clubs...right?

The one form that stuck out most - was agreeing to the University policy on hazing to induct members into a university sanctioned group/organization, the punishments, and the fact that it would be brought to the local police.

Now, I wasn't aware there were hazing laws in place - and a quick google search for Illinois Hazing brought up:
" Sec. 5. Hazing. A person commits hazing who knowingly requires the performance of any act by a student or other person in a school, college, university, or other educational institution of this State, for the purpose of induction or admission into any group, organization, or society associated or connected with that institution if:

(a) the act is not sanctioned or authorized by that educational institution; and

(b) the act results in bodily harm to any person.

§ 720 ILCS 120/10. Sentence

Sec. 10. Sentence. Hazing is a Class A misdemeanor, except hazing that results in death or great bodily harm is a Class 4 felony."

Sooo... Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?

Is this a whistle-blower's free-for-all?
Early Stages of a police state?
Government stepping in to protect its people?
Necessary intervention to deter those that haze?

Is this something that we think will impact the future of tournament paintball in some way/shape based on the drills teams run?

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Having gone through college and been in several organizations that did some shenanigans or being in charge of organizations and making sure we complied with these anti-hazing policies I only have two things to say on the topic.

1) being smart about a situation will prevent most things from going south
2) what can be defined as hazing is breath-takingly broad

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Several students have died from "hazing", I have no problem with hazing laws. I agree with everything else that has been said in here.

I "haze" people with an organization I am involved with, we are smart about it, and have used the same "ritual" for the past 30 years(before my time). No pain is involved, the people who have to do it are not offended, embarrassed, or anything, it is just funny for everybody else to watch because they do not know what is going to happen. It is a piece of equipment they HAVE to use, so its no big deal.

Stuff like that is acceptable; beatings, shoving bananas with Icy Hot on them up peoples ass, sucking dicks, etc... is not.
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