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Sylvania Silverstar Headlights
Fits Chevy/GMC trucks & SUV's, and Dont know what else.

9005-I have one brand new in pack pair -$30 one pair I used in my truck two days -$25

9006-I have one brand new in pack pair -$30 one pair I used in my truck two days -$25
If you want both new pairs, its $50. Both LNIB Pairs, $40.

My truck also already had some aftermarket sylvania's in it. Asking $15 for the highs and lows (9006 +9005)
05+ GT Steeda Billet Double Adjustable Control Arm with hardware New - $100 (these go for $150+)

05 Mustang Pillar Double Pod -Dark color- New! - $15 as they are $50+ new

2005+ Mustang Throttle Body, I think I have the throttle motor and sensor, but unsure. Might have two TBs Perfect for porting. These are EXPENSIVE from the dealer, like $300 for it. $25

2005+ Mustang GT Stock intake tube with 80 or 85mm aftermarket MAF included $20

98-2002 Dodge Ram Westin Grille Guard with brackets $75

2000-2006 GMC Yukon Westin Grille Guard with Brackets $250

Torco Mach Accelerator -Unleaded- Race Fuel Concentrate 5 gallon Drum.
I used 1 quart on the stang before I traded it, and I have the 1 qt can too. Yeah, I could tell a noticeable difference. These are $240 new plus hazmat and shipping fees.
$150 sound reasonable

98-02 Dodge Ram Triple Pod Pillar, Dark in Color with Tweeter cutout for infinity sound -$15

NAXA 6 way 6x9s, 1000w max, 40oz magnets supposed to be good speakers...New in Box - $50

Street Glow Red Xenon Headlight Strobes I have 16 Kits, 4 cases BNIB
$10 per kit, or $100 for all 4 cases. I will sell for $20 installed per kit.

Chanel Sunglasses (authentic) $50 per pair

Akai DVD Player, without remote, but can be programmed with a universal. Has S-video outs, and has a great picture and sound on any TV (even the lil 10 inch one I have) I have 3 dvd players and one has to go...$20 ($25 with a remote)

Sega GT2002/JTRF, Project Gotham Racing and Rally Sport Challenge Xbox $15 for all three

Juiced Xbox - $10

Midnight Club 3, Dub Edition $10

Logitech Wireless Xbox Controller with receiver(almost new) $15 (best controller I ever had!!)

Red Painted Xbox Wired controller with plug $10

All black Mar-Tee Putter with white lines $5

Black and Silver Fuel Dirtbike helmet with Bell Goggles -$75

Samsung A-900 (blade phone) Tiger cover, Tigers on both sides, New in Packaging $5

PS2 that has Disc Read Error, no cables or controllers. $25 - sell on ebay for $35-$40.

Full Bottle of Curve aftershave $15

The Jeep
1993 Jeep Cherokee Country
Straight 6, 5 Speed Manual Four Wheel Drive, 224k mi. 18mpg city/21mpg highway, Good 30x9.5x15 BFGoodrich A/T KO tires (70% tread remaining) Spare included.
Rhinolined body, full interior (great condition, one crack in the dash), cracked windshield but others are good, no a/c (needs a part im told), factory tape player, Hood pins on hood, 6" 1/4"-3/8" Steel Tubing Bumpers front and rear. Needs a passenger front hub for the 4x4 to work again (went out about a 2 months ago and took out the speedo, but speedo will work again when it is fixed). Power Steering Pump has a leak at the bearing but as long as there is fluid in it, you have power steering, probably needs a battery. I didnt abuse this like anything else I owned either (surprisingly, I went in the field 3 times) It has pulled out a Bobcat Skid Steer Loader that was Framed Out-NO ****- All lights worked, Passed Inspection, I have Title, but have not changed it to my name yet (because I wanted to give it to my uncle for the lease, but decided to sell it/trade for a to and he got one already.)
Its a running little machine. I love it. I got it one year ago with 200k on it. Made MANY trips to Abilene and back, and I wouldnt hesitate to do it again. New headlights, and one reflector on front gone from towing it when a Ujoint broke. Oil changed every 1,500 miles, because of the age, I felt it needed it.
New Autolite Copper plugs (it hates platinums). I will change the oil again.

$1000 or Partial Trade for Sea-Doo/JetSki

Prices dont include shipping, but I am taking offers on everything.
I can get pics too.

Might trade for paintball gear.
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