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Ok so heres my baby, I have put so many hours of work in to her

it has:
High Flowing Valve Pin
High Flowing ASA
High Flowing Vertical Adaptor
Half Backing
Flat/Blade Trigger
Polished Internals
High Flowing Valve
I open up the hole that leads into the ram from the volumizer (like High Flowing Vertical Adaptor)
16" Tru Flight Barrel (soon to be SP All American)
Venturi Removed from Bolt


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looks like a stock asa to me, i dont see a on/off even, thats not quite half blocking since the back is still there but it is a custom mod, as for everything that says "high flow" how exactly did you modify it to make it "high flow"? and unless you have a zip kit in there (which would be AWSOME) you have a hammer not a ram, they are two very different things. im not going to rate untill i know what the high flow stuff is
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