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It's been something like 15 years since I joined this forum. It's been so long Google actually deleted the email address I used to use so I can't even recover my old account. I just spent the past hour reading (and cringing) over my old posts. Half my lifetime ago, I was a bit of a lonely and misguided kid. When I was trying to figure myself out, paintball was an outlet for me, and this forum is where I went when I couldn't play. I made a lot of friends here, and even made a few IRL.

Andrew, if you ever come across this please PM me your phone number. I'll probably log into this account at some point. It might be years from now, but I'll see it. I really hope you succeeded in your education and I enjoyed that MRE you gave me back when I visited you. I think we both had our first beers together. A few years later I became a US Marine. I'm going to get engaged soon. I have a career I love and I think I've finally found what we all strive for. Remember how idealistic and philosophic we used to be as teenagers? I haven't been to this site in over 10 years but I hope they keep the servers running long enough so you can read this.

In the mid 2000s, this place was absolutely awesome. It was the alternative to PBNation. They hated us, but we were a tighter community. It was slower, but closer. This was before Reddit, Digg, and Facebook. This, and other topic-specific forums like it is what Social Media was like in the time in between AOL Instant Messenger and Facebook. For me this is like a time machine right now. Paintball and tinkering with my marker with the help of users across the old web helped me build skills that I never would have developed otherwise. It helped build a foundation of knowledge so that today as a layman I can understand things like the different twist rates of threading to pneumatics. I cringe hard at some of the stuff I am reading, but this forum was my social circle when I didn't have one as a teenager. The world has changed. The internet has changed. I've changed (a little-- I'm still a douche).

To any of The Old Guard reading this, I just want to say hello, and thanks, and don't forget that my custom AGD Pneu-mag was way cooler than yours, because I literally bled making it in my parent's basement with a drill press I borrowed from my uncle. I apologize for any of the inappropriate remarks I made as a minor, and I wish all the best to all of you.

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