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They are not mine but they were stolen last night on 11-28 at about 1:30 in the morning in Ohio. They were stolen in Austintown Ohio. The police say they saw a 450r flying down the road in the middle of the night and didnt know they were stolen yet and just let them go. Right after the police saw them there was a truck right behind with another quad on the back the 400ex. They didnt chase them. The quads were locked up in the garage and they broke in the back window. The 400ex was blown up. The robbers couldnt get to the garage door because my friends truck was right in the way. They got the windows down in the truck. Oh yea the doors were locked. They pushed his truck back to get there vechicle there and put the 400 ex on the back of the truck. I think because it wouldnt run and we think that was the truck they saw following close behind. The 450r was about a week old and was not even fully broke in yet. My friend races and had these quads tricked out. The 400ex was blown but he had just about every thing on it because it was his old race bike. The 450r was in the process on getting tricked and he has the parts coming. Also his dad has to continue to pay for this bike (450r). Also danny my friend has all of his gear in the garage and a bunch of new parts and they didnt touch anything else but the quads. He also has and tricked out xr 70 but it was not touched. These guys must have know what they were doing. Also one more detail there had to be at least 3 guys involved. There was 2 on the 450r that was spotted. And at least one in the truck driving. Maybe more..But the worst thing is that they dont have insurance on any of these bikes.
but any here is a list of things that were on these bikes. I know im gonna miss a bunch but these comes from my memory.

It has red plastics.
One sticker right infront of the rider on the tank dont remember what it says.
Side scoops (red)
A bunch of stickers on them. A couple stickers i remember are cometic gaskets. Acrebis stickers. Some atv magizine sticker. And im not sure about the rest.
Black/Crome HMF Pipe
New air intake kit not sure what it is called.
Very different jetting them stock.
New header.
New renthal bars.
Ac Nerf Bars
Stock tires.
Kill switch
If i can think of anything else on that bike i will say but we are mainly conserned about this bike more because it is brand new.

Red plastics
Tons of stickers not sure pretty much every sticker Oh ya Honda Gollans
Hmf pipe Black/Crome
New headers
Ac Nerf Bars
New Renthal bars.
Oh on the engine it says hot cams inside..It is bored to 440
Maxxis Razzor 1 or 2 front tires on red racing rims.
Maxxis mud lites on the back with black or red rear beadlocks
Number 67 number plates
decal kit
nacs racing headlight covers.
Skid plates
And prety much everything else you can think of.
If i can think of more i will tell you.
IF You can Find these bikes that would be amazing and i dont know MAYBE he might give you some money for finding these bikes.
If you know anything about these bikes i tried to explain please reply to this tread.....Thanks....Nick
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