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help me on this decision

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hey angel owners, i need some help. I have been offered an angel lcd for 100 dollars, which comes with an Air America 114 cubic inch nitrogen tank in need of a hydro test. The problem is the gun needs a few things to get up and running, and maybe more. the known necessary parts are:

a bolt
a charger
a back plate with switch
a barrel

The cost to revive the gun is about 200, plus the 100 to buy it = 300 dollars.

i don't know if i should make this purchase or not, and i am seeking some alternate opinions. so what do you think.
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That's a very good deal, depending on the condition of the Angel. Most LCD's go for ~500 without an air tank.
i say no....ur prolly gettin a gun thats gunna be hell to get workin....whyd u post 3 times? ? ?
what year is the lcd?
what year is it, if its below 2k3 dun do it
chargers alone are about 55-65
a GOOD or decent barrel is prob 60
the backplate is around 20 bucks
and that switch is gonna be hard to find, i dunno where those are..
bolts are cheap about 20-30 bucks for the good ones.
but it prob needs a new ram and hammer, new seals and ect..... but if it is in good condition and those are the only parts you need do it, it only cost like 40 bucks to get a tank hydro tested
i am pretty sure the gun is a 2001
i say go for it sounds like a good deal
Go for it
hell yah, if someone offered me that id jump on it, except that i already have an angel... but still i might go for it.
i wana get rid of my 2k1 lcd c&c its green ill sell the gun, angel air it just needs to be hydroed, a boomy, volumizer, maby my 12 in alum barrel, charger 2 it has all new electronics, for 8 would be nice but ill lower it to 650 the only thing is u nee a feed neck and the feed neck threds are striped out
oh ya it has a switch not a key or any thing like that
also it has a dye bolt
do it
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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