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ok so i have been deliberating for a while and i have decided to get a phantom for my first gun....i start work on monday so the cash should be coming in soon and i will be able to buy it....heres my wish list

Gravity Feed Bottom Line or backbottle cant decide 187-212
i rlly need help on a barrel and how to install an undercocking kit
9 oz co2 or a 22/3k $15-$50
Havent decided what hopper to use yet
JT Spectra nForcer Thermal $40
Elbow $5

ok so does this sound like a good setup?
any help is very much appreciated
i rlly want to know how pumps work b/c it looks fun to mod the **** out of them....
so just help me out with the barrel thing and tell me if this is a good setup...also include costs, sites, etc....

if u dont feel like posting then msg me on AIM: T3hBabyJe5u5

(edit) kindve changed my mind a bit
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