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Need some help, looked on the evolve trouble shooting sticky on pbnation, but have some problems. Im hearing a leak from the front of the bolt, i can hear it down the barrel, and from the feed neck... i didnt know there was a difference but the trouble shooting has 2 diff things to do for that. I tried replacing the beer can o rings, and its still leaking. Now my o ring tooth pick pick is not working, i need something that i can remove o rings with safely, any ideas? Ive looked at all the o rings and they all seem fine so idk why its leaking.

I also noticed the 014 o ring thats on the bolt itself thats towards the back of the bolt, has like some gap, its like pushed up against the bolt, but the little dug out part where the o ring fits into, has some extra space like it needs a fatter o ring in there, but thats not possible cuz the o ring looks fine to me, and is the right size mentioned on the evolve manual paper thing.

Thanks a bunch for any help.

Its the x-95 evolve bolt kit.
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