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So my team captain had this gun laying around.
and she gave it to me.
so i felt like fixing it and using it for my tournament.. (which is tomorrow morning)

I spent all last week replacing screws, buying a bolt, finding a new reg, getting a new rail, new feedneck. etc.

Now i have a problem.

One. I dont have a manual for the book, so i dont know how to change the modes on the gun.
Two. I will quick-shoot the gun (do five quick trigger taps) and the gun will not fire. at all.
It fires after about seven taps of the trigger. And that that, it is not very efficient.

It leaks air often, doesnt flow air through the gun so the bolt just shoots and doesnt reload, and sometimes the damn thing wont even shoot. period.

I have had this gun for a WEEK and i find it to be the MOST HORRIBLE gun i have ever had.

With help, and luck, if you guys could toss out idea of whats wrong and how to fix it, perhaps my hatred for this gun will turn into happiness.

Thanks everyone!

By the way, This dp fusion is the old.. old version. First Made.

So i dont beleive its the 07. Perhaps an 06? Not sure. She never told me.

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07, released in 06 though. that was the first version. If it's leaking, that's probably why it's not recocking. The Fusion is a reverse FASOR...spring assited forward, air-ram returned. If ram doesn't get air, no recock. So the leak is the first thing. Where is it leaking out of? Most likely damaged orings or poppit assembly. Have you completely pulled the entire thing apart and checked EVERY oring and relubed them if they're in good condition, and inspected the poppit for damage (not that uncommon on the F7).
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