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Price Drop
Price is now Flexible, make offers!
For your consideration today I have my new baby, my rig, my gaming PC. I took me quite a few jobless months to save up all the green to aquire it (including selling all my Paintball Gear). But I have to make some life-style changes (Like get my grades up and loose weight ). I have pin-pointed the cause of both these things failing to my beloved gaming rig. So I am putting it up for sale today.

Now for the stats:
-SOLTEK "SL-865Pro2-FGR" i865PE Chipset Motherboard. Max of 4gb of RAM. 800mhz Of FBS (that means it's fast). One AGP and 5 PCI Slots.

-Intel Pentium 4/ 3.0E GHz 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache, Hyper Threading Technology (over-clocked to 3.2 with hyper threading turned off for better gaming proformance).

-512kb DDR400 King Max RAM (Dual Channel, relative inexpensive upgrade can get you stellar proformance).

-80GB Harddrive (I am not sure what brand, I bought the drive OEM, so it didn't come in a box or with any papers. The drive has been kept clean [spyware wise, no ****, things of that nature] and is well maintained.) Can be formatted per request with a fresh windows install.

-Lite On CDRW/DVD Drive 52x32x52

-Cleverpower 500w Power supply with built in surge protector and kill switch.

-Nvidia GeForce 6800 over-clocked to GeForce 6800 GT Speeds (Plays Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft like a champ).

-All of this sits inside a standard looking Off-White Case. I bought it because of the solid aluminum construction. This PC was meant as a LAN Party machine and can withstand travel very well.

-Games: Half-Life 2, Max Payne 2, Plenty of others.

Here are all the FutureMark scores.

What I want: $800 (Price is Flexible) (Either Money Order or Cashiers Check. No personal checks).

Or a Complete Set-Up (By this I mean Hopper, Gun, Tank, and Bottom Line Set-Up).

I want: Freestyles (newer ones), Matrices (again newer, only dye style with eye or customs), Timmies (No GZ, Z or Classics, must have a clamshell and WAS 2.7 at least), Angels (Must have eyes, no LCD's), Cockers (Must have E2 or newer E-Blade Board).

Guns I will take without a full setup:
2k5 Style Timmies - Stock
DM4 - Stock
Proto Trix (with ups)

What I don't want: Impies, Shockers, Mech Cockers, BKO's, Bushies, Anything considered "Mid-Range". As for gear, no 3000 psi tanks or eVolution 2s (HALO B or new style reloaders and reloader Bs only).

I have pics, shoot me an E-Mail at [email protected] for them.

How to Contact me:
E-Mail: [email protected]
AIM: KrixKreeper
MSN Messanger: [email protected]
DO NOT PM ME I don't read them.

Post here before messaging me.

Thanks for Looking.

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wow $900 for that is beast up for this guy

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you can't build it for 500 unless you cut major corners. free up. still a much better deal than buyin from dell. build>buy i always say.

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There is no way in HELL you can build that for $500. The video card alone is at least $300. Please don't talk if you don'tknow what you're talking about, it tends to make you look...well, mildly retarded. You don't need much help in that field, but still, I enjoy warning people about the risks.
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